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Gruzhol    26 August 2010 01:24
@>872>4AB2> ?@5AAD>@9 8=65=5@=>3> F5=B@0 02>40 HB02 8 ?@5AA-D>@B@C4=8G5AB2C :>1;040NI85 :>5:B8@>20=8O B5E=>;>38G5A:>9 >A=0AB:8. K A45;0576=>5 4;O B>3>, GB>1K 0 C4>1=> 8 :>@B=> @01>B0BL A =076=>AB8 8 :>72>;ONB 01A>;NB=> B>G=> ?@>3=>78@>20BL 8 30@0=B8@>20BL A@>:8 8 1N465B 873>B>2;5=8O 70:070.

Gralemun    24 August 2010 14:52
@>872>4AB2> ?@5AA-D>@@@4 402;5=852
- ?@5AA-D>@@- 8 0A15AB>-B5E=8G5A:8E 8745;89
- D>@H:>2>9 @B0@K
- ?@5AA-D>@G=>3> ;8BLO
- ?@>872>4AB2> :>:8;59 8 AB5@6=52KE OI8:>2

Sulemaw    24 August 2010 01:09
02>4 HB02 8 ?@5AA-D>@?KB 2 ?@>5:B8@>20=88 8 873>B>2;5=85 ?@5AAD>@20@>2 4;O 4> 02B>18;L=KE 45B0;59. 0H0 :>5 2 >AA88 ?@54?@8OB85, :>B>@>5 876=>ABL ?@>872>48BL C=8:0;L=K5 :@C?=>3010@8B=K5 ?@5AA-D>@@>2.

Sugral    23 August 2010 11:39
02>4 HB02 8 ?@5AA-D>@?KB 2 ?@>5:B8@>20=88 8 873>B>2;5=85 ?@5AA-D>@20@>2 4;O 4> 02B>18;L=KE 45B0;59. 0H0 :>5 2 >AA88 ?@54?@8OB85, :>B>@>5 876=>ABL ?@>872>48BL C=8:0;L=K5 :@C?=>3010@8B=K5 ?@5AA-D>@@>2.

Kruzot    21 August 2010 12:52
02>4 HB02 8 ?@5AA-D>@872>48B5;L 8=AB@C9 >A=0AB:8 =0 B5@@8B>@88 >AA88 8 !. >;=O5B ?>;=K9 :>B ?> ?@>5:B8@>20=8N, 873>B>2;5=8N 8 A5@28A=>1A;C6820=8N B5E>A=0AB:8. >B02;8205B 2 B>G=K5 8
HB0@@B0@K 8 ?@>2>48B 1@01>B:0 ;N1>9 A;>6=>AB8.

NewStPayd    16 August 2010 04:44
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Konin    31 Juli 2010 09:04
Excellent site!

Kasirma    26 Juli 2010 22:05
C;LB>20O >E@0=0 :20@B8@ 8 >1J5:B>2 :>@8=3 02B>B@0=A?>@B0, =B06 A8AB5E@0==>9 8 ?>60@=>9 A83=0;870F88, A8AB5=B@>;O 4>ABC?0, CAB0=>2:0 2845>4>D>=>2, ?5@A>=0;L=K5 GPS/!! B@5:5@K, 0 B0:65 2845>=01;N45=85 =86=89 =>23>@>4.

Brugos    23 Juli 2010 16:48
C;LB>20O >E@0=0 :20@B8@ 8 >1J5:B>2 :>@8=3 02B>B@0=A?>@B0, =B06 A8AB5E@0==>9 8 ?>60@=>9 A83=0;870F88, A8AB5=B@>;O 4>ABC?0, CAB0=>2:0 2845>4>D>=>2, ?5@A>=0;L=K5 GPS/!! B@5:5@K, 0 B0:65 G>? =86=89 =>23>@>4.

Grendez    22 Juli 2010 22:52
C;LB>20O >E@0=0 :20@B8@ 8 >1J5:B>2 :>@8=3 02B>B@0=A?>@B0, =B06 A8AB5E@0==>9 8 ?>60@=>9 A83=0;870F88, A8AB5=B@>;O 4>ABC?0, CAB0=>2:0 2845>4>D>=>2, ?5@A>=0;L=K5 GPS/!! B@5:5@K, 0 B0:65 ' 8 2845>=01;N45=85 =86=89 =>23>@>4.

Zerves    22 Juli 2010 01:38
C;LB>20O >E@0=0 :20@B8@ 8 >1J5:B>2 :>@8=3 02B>B@0=A?>@B0, =B06 A8AB5E@0==>9 8 ?>60@=>9 A83=0;870F88, A8AB5=01;N45=8O 8 :>=B@>;O 4>ABC?0, CAB0=>2:0 2845>4>D>=>2, ?5@A>=0;L=K5 GPS/!! B@5:5@K, 0 B0:65 ' 8 2=5254>E@0=0 =86=89 =>23>@>4.

Crauches    17 Juli 2010 20:12
0@0 2 MB>4C 1LQB 2A5 @5:>@4K 8 O C65 =5 7=0N 345 A?0A0BLAO, 60@:> 4065 2 B5=L:5, 25=B8;OB>@K BC?> @073>=ONB 60@C 8 2AQ, ?>MB>=459 GB>1K E>BO 1K A?0BL =>@, =5 2 10=5, 1C4C 1@0BL G5@57 8=5B, 2 MB> 2?5G0B;5=8OE.

Gramus    14 Juli 2010 12:29
;O =0A >B25B =0 2>?@>A, =C6=0 ;8 :>@?>@0B82=0O 157>?0A=>ABL, >G52845=, ?>B> =059 ?@>D5AA88, 5654=52=> ?@8E>48BAO @5H0BL 2>?@>AK ?> ?@54>B2@0I5=8N C3@>7 8 70I8B5 157>?0A=>AB8 ?@54?@8OB89 @07;8G=KE D>@1AB25==>AB8. 1@0I09B5AL : =09G82>3> 8 3> DC=:F8>=8@>20=8O 20H53> 187=5A0.
N@848G5A:85 CA;C38

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